Billeto is operated on the Internet and, as a client, you may sell your tickets through Billeto.

Billeto charges no installation or purchase fees. In addition, there are no monthly fees or the like.

For the use of Billeto, only a System Fee will be charged. The System Fee is calculated according to the number of tickets sold through Billeto.

Selling Tickets

The System Fee per Ticket is 4% of the Ticket's Admission Price, but up to a maximum of 0.40 € per ticket.

Tickets per Event

Price with max. system fee off 0.40 €

25 10.00 €  
50 20.00 €  
75 30.00 €  
100 40.00 €  
150 60.00 €  

*Further charges are added when using PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or your Bank account. 


A 19% VAT (Sales Tax) is added to all prices.