Test Billeto Out!

Our (freely invented) Theater am Richardplatz sells tickets via Billeto. Here you can test out Billeto through the entire process and get an idea of ​​the "front-end" of Billeto - the view that ticket buyers have to Billeto.

If you want to test the (extensive) "backend", we will open a testaccount for you. Please contact us.
Or take a look at our tour of Billeto or browse our manual.

Tip: You can test the booking prozess at no costs choosing the Payment "Sofortüberweisung". Just for the Bankleitzahl, type in 888 888 88. If you choose "print@home", you will even receive a ticket to print out.

Integration via iframe

The easiest way to integrate your event onto your website is via iframe.
You can choose your own design and decide how many events per page will be shown.

Integrate Individual Events

Every event has an individual link which starts the ticket ordering process. 

Flamenco Night


and even more ...

You can offer vouchers on your website. You define the price, the validity,the appearance and the events the voucher is valid for. Test it out, buy a voucher and with this voucher you can buy a ticket at the "Theater am Richardplatz".
(As with the ticket order, you can go through the entire ordering process at no costs if you choose the payment "Sofortüberweisen" and for the Bankleitzahl, type in 888 888 88)