Planung Plan your Events with Billeto

Create and manage in Billeto

Performance venues, price lists, price categories, ticket contingents, methods of payment and shipment can be established and managed using Billeto. According to your needs, this information can be configured to the most minute detail. You can create your ticket templates in a software application of your choice (Scribus, Word Processing, Adobe Indesign or others) and upload these as templates. In this same way, you can also create your seating plan. You have absolutely no creative boundaries when setting up the ticket sales for your event.


Billeto automatically imports.

You can plan your events in a calendar application of your choice. Once you have entered the necessary information for your event's venue, seating and price categories, price lists, etc., Billeto automatically matches further events from your calendar to this information which you have entered. It's then as easy as just the touch of a button for your events to go on sale through your website.